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Learn about equine care, grooming and barnyard life. Available at events or by appointment.

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Our equines pull their weight by ways of physical labor, fertilizer production and companionship.


Meet the Herd

Meet the Flock

A Haflinger mare in her teen years. She weighs 1100lb and stands 13.2hh. She was never registered, but I ran her DNA test and confirmed her breeding.


In the 5 years that we've owned her, she moved to 3 other barns before returning home, in my attempts to find the right setting to focus on training.

Finally, we put all the pieces together and started pulling logs in 2021. It's so cool to watch her work, she really seems to understand and enjoy it!




For her small stature, this girl has big energy! She is a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey jennet (or jenny, meaning female), 17 years old. Our only registered resident, her official full name is "Sanderson's Bridget" and she was born in nearby Waterville.



She is quite vocal at feeding times and when she is excited/alarmed, which adds an extra layer of security to our barnyard.This little lady is sweet and smart. She is eager to be included in whatever we're doing and we're excited to get her working, carrying a packsaddle and/or light pulling, for those jobs that don't quite require heavy horsepower. Hopefully it will give her a sense of purpose and help her lose some weight!


Rounding out Team Donk, she is a Miniature Spotted Donkey jennet and our most senior animal at 18 years old (they can live to be 30+!).


She arrived at the farm last November and quickly made herself at home. Her presence seems to give Bridget more confidence, and after years of both being the only donkey around, they can finally be friends!



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